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Intro post.

📁Name:Wyvell & Zandra

✨Age: 49 & 51

☯️Zodiac Sign: Leo & Sagittarius

💝Sexuality: Him (straight) Her (Bi)

👩🏼Gender: Male & Female

💍Relationship Status: Married & Looking

🔮Looking For: woman open to both a man & woman

🌈Favorite Color: Blue & Pink

🍤Favorite Food: Bbq, Steak, Pasta & Mexican

🎮Hobby/Interest: cooking, Gaming, Dancing, skating, And we both love trying new restaurants(foodies)

📚Book Worm or Movie Buff: Both

🐶Any Pets?:

🏡 I'm from: south suburbs

🌿Do you smoke?: no (edible once in awhile)

🍺Drink?: yes

⬆️Height: 5’7” & 5’4

🏣Occupation:Government employee and Security Supervisor

📱Communication Preferences: Texting

📷Pictures of Yourself:

📨inbox open or close: Open


Hey all, new here and to this 😘we’ll see how this goes

Nova Henton
Keti Gee


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