The Lux Gathering is a private meeting of friends in the lifestyle at our  five acre secluded estate. We are the best privately discrete  lifestyle gathering in Chicago. Our friends enjoy the best of the best when it comes to lifestyle experiences. We gather  with those who want to have an incredible evening partying, socializing and having fun - there is never a bad gathering here!

We are primarily a couples focused gathering but do allow for single males and females. During COVID, WE ARE SEVERALY LIMITING SINGLES. You must be accompanied by a couple. 

Hang Back or Interact:

You can do what works for you! We are unique in that we actively encourage folks to meet and greet one another. We have games and ways to get folks to simply say hello. You may arrive as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend. If you are not about meeting others, this is probably not the right place for you!


Note: This is not a business in any way, and under no circumstances should be viewed as one, but a gathering of like-minded adults who enjoy the lifestyle. 

Thank you for visiting!

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