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Etiquette / Rules

  • BYOB

  • Join friends with a positive attitude, openness and willingness to have fun!

  • Be respectful to all

  • Be courteous to all

  • Ask before touching

  • Help to keep all public areas clean (clean up after yourself)

  • What happens at the Lux, stays at the Lux

  • Good personal hygiene 

  • Do not disturb the swinging enjoyment of others - This will be very mood-destroying and annoying!

Breaking these rules will get you removed and your membership revoked!
  • Must be over 21 

  • Over intoxication causing unruly and disrespectful behavior

  • Non-erotic conversations in pleasure areas

  • Not respecting "No means No" or touching before asking

  • Cameras and cell phones in pleasure areas

  • Arguing with staff and security

  • Being a douche bag!

  • Making fun of others

  • Violating dress code


Dress Code Strictly Enforced: Dress as if you're taking your partner on a date:

No athletic wear of any kind

No sports jerseys, torn tee shirts or athletic gym shoes

No construction boots

No hoodies

No baseball caps

No offensive smells such a cannabis

(We are welcoming you to our home!)

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