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Lux Certified Single Male

At The Lux, we strive to grow the community of couples who are interested in the lifestyle by creating an environment by which single males can meet single females or sponsoring couples. We manage a list of qualified single males and match attendance of males with the amount of single females that attend. This is purely an effort for singles to meet and greet; not for single male perpetual attendance.


To become Lux Male Certified, see the qualifications below. If you meet ALL of the requirements, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below - YOU MUST MEET ALL CRITERIA before contacting us. If you qualify, we will follow up and schedule an interview. 


  • Must reside in the Chicagoland / Indiana area 

  • Must be a professional or career orientated.

  • Must have experienced other clubs.

  • Must have a LinkedIn/Facebook profile to verify identity.

  • Must agree to be interviewed by staff. 

  • Must attend at least one party every quarter of the month to maintain status.

  • Status must be renewed every year as the goal is to partner you with a single or couple.

Let's Chat - We will get back to you as soon as possible...Thank you for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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