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We are going to have our 2nd ffm this weekend!! What we both discovered after the first one...

I LOVE seeing him fuck another woman doggystyle. Our sex life with each other has sky rocketed! We have become so much closer and more intimate with each other. I love sucking on his cock with another woman, he loves watching me lick pussy and we have so much more we want to do with each other.

We are not sure about swapping, I think after our first event, country night, we will have a more definite answer to if we are going to want to swing as well...

I never thought I would love seeing him touch another woman! I enjoy being the coordinator..babe grab her tits, suck her nipples etc. omg I'm so turned on all the time now lol

Sherry & O


Welcome to The Lux (the ), the premier lifestyle g...


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