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APRIL 20th: The Lux 7th Year Anniversary Gathering - featuring Dick Diamond & The Dusters!

Luxers…..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!…it has been 7 years since The Lux opened and we want to thank all of you sexy mofos for your support. We have strived to provide you a CLEAN, SAFE and MATURE environment to explore the lifestyle with friends. To that end, we are treating you to Dick Diamond & The Dusters, one of the best bands ever, for our Lux 7th Year Anniversary gathering APRIL 20th…Going to be an absolute blast! ❤️❤️❤️

Bree & Tommy
XoZaddyz CuriousKat
Alex & nessa


Welcome to The Lux (the ), the premier lifestyle g...


  • 21 Apr Sun | 'The Lux 7th Yr Anniversary w Dick Diamond & The Dusters!'

  • 28 Apr Sun | 'Studio 54 Disco, Electro Dance & House Music Jam @ The Lux!'

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