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Hi gm, I like to introduce my sexy and beautiful fiancé,Melanie, we been In the LS for about 2 years now, we do play on a very few occasions as for me i really don't , We or i am ok with a regular side guy if we could ever find one for her lol, ( Beard and bald, rides, works out, drives a truck and single are all a plus )

we don't go to many parties or meet up with other couples, life has been crazy busy for us , we just purchased a house together in the western burbs of chicago , we are getting married at the end of August next year , she works down town chicago , I work on the south side of chicago , we do like to go see bands on the weekend when we are not sleeping by 8pm (smh)

Jay and Tiffany


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  • 28 Apr Sun | 'Studio 54 Disco, Electro Dance & House Music Jam @ The Lux!'

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