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Happy Hump Day, Everybody! We're Lia & Dre. Married couple, 30 & 33. Brand new to The Lux and semi-newbies to The Lifestyle. We've attended a local lifestyle club consistently for the past 5 weeks and have been really enjoying our experiences. Last weekend we met a member that spoke very highly of The Lux so now we're excited to switch up our routine. With it being St Patrick's Day weekend we're just feeling a bit torn about where to go. We're a fun, adventurous couple that loves to dress up for theme nights and mix and mingle. We're not only looking for a large crowd to party/play with, but also a place to socialize with games and activities. So, with all that being said, would this Saturday's event be best for a first time experience at The Lux? Any insights are appreciated! Also sharing pics below of our trip to Temptation last summer 🤗

Li & D
DoubleTrouble😈 😈
K&J like to play


Welcome to The Lux (the ), the premier lifestyle g...


  • 21 Apr Sun | 'The Lux 7th Yr Anniversary w Dick Diamond & The Dusters!'

  • 28 Apr Sun | 'Studio 54 Disco, Electro Dance & House Music Jam @ The Lux!'

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